Want a new friend, but stuck inside?

Get a letter from a pen pal!
An actual, handwritten letter.

Remember pen pals? The ones you wrote to in school? You can't get on a plane, so why not write to someone around the world instead. Besides, it's fun to get mail! And the USPS is almost bankrupt and needs your help.

1. Sign Up
2. Get Your Match
We send you a letter with the name of your match! And a few other goodies.
3. Write Your Pen Pal
Get creative. Postcards, letters, greeting cards, anything you'd like. Just be nice, and keep it anonymous.
4. Mail It To Us

Hello, Sincerely,
93 4th Avenue #1547
New York, NY 10003

Include your and their first name somewhere on the envelope or card, and we will forward it along. That's how we keep it anonymous.
5. Enjoy Your Response!
Check your mail! Hopefully they write you back quickly.

Tell Me More

How does it work?
You put your name in the hat, and we match you with someone. You write them letters, they respond, and you've made a new friend!
It has to be handwritten?
Yes, only handwritten, physical mail. No emails, no printouts. When was the last time you got a handwritten letter?
Can I send anything else other than letters?
Sure! Send a collage, a photo of your dog, a carrot cake recipe, just do not include photos of yourself, or anything larger than a letter.
Who do I mail it to?
You mail it to us: Hello, Sincerely, 93 4th Avenue #1547, New York, NY 10003. So long as you include your first name and your pen pal's first name somewhere on the envelope or letter, we're smart enough to know where to forward it.
Do I have to be in the US?
Nope! Wherever you are, so long as you have a post box, we will match you. We do encourage you to write in English however.
How does it remain anonymous?
We will never, ever share your address with anyone, and all letters must be mailed through us to maintain anonymity. To keep it that way, please do not share your last name, age, address, phone number, social media handles, or any other identifying information. That said, we can't control what information someone can corroborate with what you've already posted about yourself on the Internet, so be mindful of that. Just like any social network, if you're worried, don't use this service.
How do I know it's safe?
All letters are moderated for content before being forwarded. You may not under any circumstances include abusive, sexual, threatening, sexist, racist, misogynistic, or any form of hateful content whatsoever. Hello, Sincerely, has a zero tolerance policy for abuse. This is not a dating service. Keep it PG-rated. Don't be mean.
What if I don't want to receive mail anymore?
To opt out or for any other questions, email hello@hellosincerely.com. We'll sort it.